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    My lessons always get adapted to the individual tempo of learning and abilities of each student.

    Due to my experience i know that every student is learning differently fast or slow as with many different abilities. Thus i try to adapt that and integrate it into my lessons.

    So i dont just run thru a "Program" but instead try to adapt to the wishes and needs of each student. So every student may also influence the learning process in a way.AL 2012

    Of course it is certain that an instrument is not beeing learned by itself. So that means that every student needs to invest some minimal time, at least 1 1/2 hours of practising each week + our lessons - that is to get any further in time and learning. And of course there are certain things that have to learned and practised before the real great fun of playing music starts.

    This may be some hard work sometimes and not just pure fun in that...

    But how fast a student is running thur any process of learning is very individual and is dependent on the time, effort and intensity that every student is willing to invest.

    Especially in the beginning the students should not expect too much ... as to learn an instrument takes time, in many cases up to many years so - to expect the unimpossible just forces frustration.

    I started to play the guitar around 1971, in the relatively late age of 13 years. Since the late 1980ies i am giving lessons for guitar. Within my carreer as a guitar-teacher i have been working a couple of years  for the katholic educational center as well as some guitarschools around Frankfurt area. But also giving private lessons.

    But what is the main difference between my lessons and other way of learning to play the guitar?

    Beeing a guitar-teacher with many years of experience i can look back on many well trained students that have left my classes and did the first steps in learning to play with my advice. So i also know about the pitfalls and difficulties that are hidden in learning.

    martin_klEguitarOf course one may learn how to play thru many of the (even free) courses that are offered on the internet. But learning by yourself has one extremely important negiative sideeffect, that everyone should take in account that wants to go this way:

    you dont have a teacher that may show you
    what you are actually doing wrong, noone to show you how
    it´s been done correctly or noone who is able to explain
    how things are connected and setup correctly

    This is an extremly important disadvantage, why the "self-teaching method" mainly is a longer and more difficult way of learning, as you also implement many mistakes and errors as there is noone to correct you other way.
    I am speaking out of knowledge, as i have tought myself the playing of guitar autodidactically self-teaching. I never had a teacher myself, something that i regretted afterwhat. Many things like reading staffnotation, theory of harmony, chordal structures etc. i had to teach myself in hard work, doing many mistakes in between. So this takes something longer than if you have some one to ask all your questions about how its been done the right way.

    You like to know more about me? Here you´ll find my personal Vita. More Infos on my guitar-lessons here.

    Nevertheless i also offer some free downloads of interesting files for my students or everyone else for for your "self-teaching" here.

    I will answer your questions on lessons 24/7 right here

    NEW: Workshop "Modular Gypsyjazz Guitar" (not for basic beginners of guitar). More infos on that right here

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