Every musician knows about that problem: Songs have to be played at a certain tempo, sometimes fast, sometimes slow ...
The issue is to determin how fast or slow to play a song or any lesson.

More over our listening-habits have dramatically changed over the years, as records these days are beeing produced very straight with so called "click-tracks", thus our taste of listening has adapted that behaviour over time.

To have a good timing is absolutely nessesary. But how to learn that?
Very easy, just by practising permanently with a so called "metronome".

You dont have one? Well, no problem. There are some great online-tools that help you out here, working as great as if you would have your little own metronome with you.

Here i offer such an online-tool on my website. The using is very easy: just enter the right speed by adjusting the pendulum (tempo in BPM = Beats per Minute), then click the little screw at the right and the beat starts... to stop it again click the screw. Ready, steady, go!

Have fun with it practising.

Metronome by

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