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    You want to know more about my music? If you already read my "musical miles" or studied my "discography", sure you want to listen to some music.

    For that you have different oportunities. You can check out my Youtube-Channel right here:

    With the following Link you may listen to my Solo-Album "Rêve de Samois" thru all known Streaming-Portals (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, deezer, Tidal etc).

    Because many music-listeners dont know about it, here is a very important hint: STREAMING is a real practical thing (for listeners as for us musicians).

    But you have to know that all Streaming-Portals pay their artists VERY BADLY LOW!

    As one example Spotify (the major stream portal) pays their artists 0,00043 cent per stream (the other portals are paying even less, just a few a little bit more). BUT: the payment is ONLY beeing paid IF the artist has a minimum of 1.000 Streams per month that have been played for a minimum of 31 seconds each! If LESS Streams are the case (which is the rule rather than the exception with unknown artists) or the play per strema is less (> 30 sek.) THE ARTIST DOESNT GET ANYTHING! That means 0,00000€.

    All this you should keep in mind if you are streaming music today, as we artists CAN NOT live from these incomes anymore! So it´s much better to actually BUY an album physically (wether as CD, mp3 or USB) best with the artist himself. This way artists can at least create a little income. Not with Streaming.
    Here is the Link to my Solo-Album (click the image): hub.com21yUQu
    You have also another opportunity to listen to my albums thru the Streaming-Portal "".
    Here is the Link (click the image):
    Either what opportunity you choose to listen to my music, i am eager to hear your feedback to it. You may contact me here for that!
    I am looking foreward to hearing from you.

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