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    CD1 Bertino just guitar Cover vornAlready recorded in 2021,  the CD-release had to wait for long, as many complicated research and Copyright-clearings had to be done. Regrettabley many Majorlabelsare pretty slooow for  Copyright permissions of Coverversions.
    Now in 2023 everything could be cleared and so my Solo-Album "Bertino - just guitar -" could be released within spring 2023.

    On this album i alos present ten songs (as already on my first Album "Rêve de Samois" in 2022). But these are all Cover-Versions of well known Jazz- and Poptunes which i perform in my own style.

    CD1 Bertino just guitar Cover backAdded on this album are Jazz-classics such as "Les feuilles mortes" (Instrumental-version of  "Autumn leaves") or "Blue Bossa", "The shadow of your smile" as well as Poptunes like "Home" or "Shape of my heart".

    The Album is available thru my Website eor may be listened to thrus streaming:

    Cover ReveDeSamois 2Already last year my first Solo-CD with the title "Rêve de Samois" (french " the dream of Samois") has been released.
    On this Album  i present 10 original compositions that have been recorded with fantastic musicians.

    On the album are those high class musicians: Fapy Lafertin (GIt) Guitarlegend from Belgium, Lulo Reinhardt (Git) german grandnephew of Django Reinhardt, Bobeye Reinhardt (Bs) grandson of the famous Sintiviolinist Schnuckenack Reinhardt, Winfried Schuld (P., Akk.) a phantastic Pianist/Accordeonist and last but not least Christoph König (Viol) a great violinist and arranger who celebrates great success with this own Ensemble "Uwaga Quartett".
    It was a great honour to record my own songs with these fantastic musicians.

    The great sound on this album has been made by Alen Markulin, who has put a great piece of effort into the recordings as sound-engeneer and consultant.

    Cover ReveDeSamois back

    The Album available thru my website or may be listened as streaming with all providers right here:

    Be sure to check it out!

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