Guitarlessons online

CORONA and no chance for lessons?

You´re looking for a good guitar teacher for yourself or your child?
You´re time flexible and don´t fear modern way of communication, as well you like to take guitar lessons over the internet?

Well, the worldwide Corona-crisis is making us all face tremendous difficulties in our "everyday-life" at the moment. But luckily enough the modern world also gives us some technical help at hand so we can manage some of it.

As the whole world is working at "home office" now, we as musicians also have to search for new ways of gain income to anyhow survive financially. Here´s what i offer to my students from all over the world.

Lessons online via Skype, FaceTime or MS-Teams:

SupportskypeskypeskypeAs a qualified Guitar teacher i will serve you guitar lessons online via skype, FaceTime or Microsoft Teams!

for acoustic and elektric Guitar (with or without staff notation)
Built for beginners as well as intermediate players, children (from 8 Y.), teenagers or adults

You choose what you wanna learn!

This is what you get:

* Introduction to harmonics and staff notation

* Basics (Tuning, holding the instrument, correct use)

* Basic chords, strumming, plucking (beginners)

* Ext. chords, Barrè, Rhythm (intermediate)

* Sologuitar, Improvisation (intermediate)

* different styles: Folk, Rock, Pop, Jazz

* learning easy Songs

Single lessons from 120.- EUR/Month, 4 x 45 min
Children up to 10 y. from 100.- €/Month, 4 x 45 min

(more dates always possible)

Fixed or flexible days/hours, payment via Paypal


- Available and playable guitar (E- or Acoustic-Guitar)
- Metronome (physically or as app)

- registered eMail-Adress to exchange files
- working Computer/Laptop with soundcard and Headset with micophone
- webcam or built-in webcam (Laptop)
- aktive skype-, FaceTime-Account (Apple-ID) or if not applicable
Online-Microsoft Teams Login (will be served by me)

More Details via phone, WhatsApp or eMail at any time.
Contact me or ask your questions here, you will not regret it!

4 powerful benefits of learning a musical instrument with 50+

Studies in Brain-science clearly state it: learning to play a musical instrument keeps our brain abilities up to high age!
Just by accident i found this interesting article written by Margret Manning on a Website for Generation 60+. Even if i am not yet in my 60ies, the facts presented there were very interesting and undeniably strong thats why we like to present this article in full length here to our JM-Users.
We furthermore like to point out our articles "What music does to our brians (Part 1) and (Part 2)" on the same issue. Read on to the fascinating article

trumpetplayer4 Powerful Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument with 50+
(by Margaret Manning)

When you think of a “typical” music student, you might picture a 7-year-old girl or boy, sitting nervously in front of a piano, the tiny fingers resting lightly on the keys. Several decades ago, you may have even been that little girl or boy yourself.
Well, if you think that musical instruments are just for kids, it’s probably time to update your soundtrack. There are plenty of reasons people over 50 should consider adding a little music to their lives.

Music is for Your Brain what Circuit Training is for Your Body

As the fitter baby boomers among us know, circuit training involves moving from one exercise machine to another, while giving ourselves a total body workout. There are very few activities that can do the same for your brain – and music is one of them.

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Music-/Guitar-lessons "too expensive"?

PianisteA very interesting article by the german "TONKÜNSTLERVERBAND BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG" E.V. (a german Musicians association) rules out why every kind of music live or lessons should keep a certain value or payment for the musician. Read here the Article.

Many people not involved closer into the issue of "working music" every so often dont have any clue about what or how much a musician or music-teacher has to work for his job to be able to play an instrument or even to teach it.

To play any instrument takes years, takes loads of investments for instruments, high-schools or lessons. It takes many hours of practising in "sweat and tears" until one reaches a certain stage of ability. To teach an instrument to others is even a same heavy task, as you have to know and learn anything yourself first before you are ablte to teach it...
This all should be honoured and be payed the same to keep a fair balance between musicians and "normal" jobprofiles such as workers, employees or other freelancers.

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Hours for lessons available

martin_klAt the moment there are some hours available for private lessons (single- or Grouphours up to 5 persons) in the Karben/Bad Vilbel-area. English speaking students are welcome!

If you are interested in lessons you may find more Infos here or contact me via eMail directly.
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