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    biography (3/4)

    In the following years between 1999 until around 2005 i produced my own musical ideas in my little private project-studio.

    Always been interested in film-scores (i had the opportunity to write music for two little productions for imagefilms and a DVD-project, see discography)elpartyx1_tmbelpartyx4_tmb, but also in modern styles like R&B, Pop and Rock i am still interested.

    With electronic music i was very early inspired by bands like Can, Tangerine Dream, Amon Düül, Kraftwerk, NEU and Klaus Schulze. Later on Bands like Yello, Brian Eno, Michael Cretu, Cafe del Mar and other artists in the field of Ambient/Trance were added.

    elpartyx3_tmbSince my musical roots are mainly been influenced by the guitar-styles of Blues and Rock, i was nevertheless always interested in electronical music. As a musician i am interested in fusions of different musical styes. So this was what i´ve tried with my own musical projects.

    Always fascinating with electronical music to me is the fact that a musician is able to create images in the head of the listener, making a "movie run inside peoples brains" while listening to this kind of music. 
    A sentence said by Boris Blank (Yello) in one of his Interviews. Creating stories, images and fairytales, but always cosmopolitic mixes.
    elpartyx2_tmbThis is something that i wanted to create for the listeners of my music: opening up phantasy and creativity vor own ides and images while listening. Telling a story where every listener could creat his own "head-movie" while listening. And as i consider myself as a human beeing beein a "world-citizen" and cosmoplite, maybe my philosophy explains it a little deeper...

    But as life is a journey also the musical journey of my life goes on...  since a couple of years i have returned to acoustic music and Cover_CdB_tmb Jazz and Swing especially Jazz Manouche in general.

    After long years of working music in the shade of my studio in the dark i again urge to play live in front an audience, as the applause and the communication between musicians and listeners has always been an important part of my music.
    Elektronical instruments are a great thing, opening lots of possibilities for musicians to have a complete orchestra or Rhythmgroup in studio at hand... but to play live is something else ...

    So this is one of the reasons why i placed my guitar back into focus of my music: to have the direct fun of communication and response of an audience, instead worrying about technical problems, updates and upgrades and other technical difficulties.
    Just to pick up the guitar again and to easily play music instantly without worry has become important to me again :-)

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