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    discography (3/4)

    Here is a discography with CDs and productions that i have been involved in over the years in my musical carreer.

    Some CDs are no more available, others never ever have been released, other are still available to order. The Titles are unordered, just sorted by years (new first,older stuff on further pages). To listen to the Demo-Tracks you need to have a Flash-Plugin installed in your browser, freely available at Adobe website. To read some of the lyrics you need the also freely available Adobe "Acrobat Reader".

    Please respect the Copyrights of us artists, dont just copy music!

    (For Details please click on one of the images!)
    scheftelbros_tmb Scheftel Brothers - Can´t give you anything but: Swing (1985) ,
    Gypsyjazz, Swing

    AcousticCh_tmb Acoustic Challenge - Voice on the Radio (1985)
    Akustisches Gitarrenduo

    AR_Duo_tmb Alex Rodmann Duo - Live at Soucheaux (1985)
    Gypsyjazz, Swing

    ARGroup2_tmb Alex Rodmann Group - For sentimental Reasons (1984)
    Gypsyjazz, Swing

    BACE-Cover_tmb B.A.C.E.-Connection - Friends in a hassle (1984)

    kania_tmb KANIA - Mitten in der Nacht (1983),
    Rock / Pop

    ARGroup_tmb Alex Rodmann Group - For the sake of old times (1983),
    Gypsyjazz, Swing

    B_yond_Early1_tmb b_yond - First Steps (1980/83),
    Rock / Pop

    trio_tmb TRIO aka "Wind" (1981)
    Rock / Pop

    Octopus tmb Octopus (1980)
    Deutsch Rock

    ChaosBros_tmb Gimme a Dime - The Chaos Brothers (1979)

    strassenjungs_tmb Strassenjungs - Dauerlutscher (1978)

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