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    biography (2/4)

    Beeing a bit frustrated by backstrokes of the hard, cold and uninspiring musicbusiness, withdrawed from all Bandprojects in the early 1980ies. The hunting for success and quotes, the uninspired acting of record companies, managers or other actors in Popbusiness, had django3aleft behind it´s traces with me.

    Getting inspired again by the virtuos playing of the famous Sinti-Guitarrist Django Reinhardt i started to be interested in Jazz and Swing in the early 1980ies. I never had heared something similar before longing for virtuosity and phantasy.

    After i tried to learn this way of playing again by autodidactically copy-/pasting what i heared on records, in 1983 i founded my own Swing-/Jazz-Formation, the „Alex Rodmann Group“ (see discography) together with my two friends Darco Wolf (Git.) and Billy Bilek (Bs.). In the following 2 years we played numerous Gigs in germany, Frannce and Corse, also for german members of the Reinhardt-Family. Later on we addedother musicians like Jeanou Quilez (RythmGit), Dieter Lettner (Clarinette, Sax) and Linda Freeland (Voc.) to the set.

    But due to the sudden death of our bassplayer Billy the band broke up in 1984. Still i tried to keep goin together with argroup_kl Jeanou Quilez, the Rhythm-Guitarrist as a Swing-Duo and to build up the band again.
    AR Duo 01 kl
    But after a last 4-week tour throughout France we split up for good. Still ever since then the "Jazz Manouche" (how Gypsyjazz is called in France) has become and stayed an important issue in my life.

    At the end of the 80ies i started to work as a D.J. in Discothecs, working regularely for about 5 long years as Discjockey in Clubs. An important experience for later on producing music in my own studios.

    In the year of 1989 i got involved in using the first accessable personal Computers (PCs), i bought Commodore64 and later on ATARI PCs. With these and in conjunction with my old 4-Trac Tapemachine i began recording my first own musical pieces. Continuesly i added mixers, keyboards, samplers, Appledj_1987_kl Macs with Harddiskrecording to my setup, thus making the first step towards into "Homerecording".

    In 1994 i had collected enough knowledge to work as a recording engeneer in the ListenUp!-Studios  in Offenbach, where i produced different Music- and CD-Produktions as musician and producer.

    B_yond2_tmbBut the music biz is a real hard one, some say its a shark-pool. And the one who doesnt have great connections in biz wer or the one who doesnt like to dedicate himself into the musical-artistical-commercial dictate of the Musicindustrie (keyword here: Charts, Superstars, Popstars, Starsearch, Voice of... etc.), this one does not have any chance at all these days to be recognized as a musician and thus beeing successful.

    Form 1997 on i founded my own little company "digitalwelten - new media service -" working as a media-designer. This company again had to be liquidated in 2010 due to the economical crisis ... but to give up on music - i wouldnt ever do as the journey went on ...

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