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    My philosophy is just my way of thinking that developed over so many years and that influences not only my life, but also my way of playing music and what i want to say with it...

    AL 2009But at first let me say that i dont want to patronize nobody with what i write here to convince or even force someone to like what i think. It is just a reflection of how i look at things, the world, other people - it´s just my own worldview ... so noone should feel offend in any way with what i write down here :-)

    „... there is only good and bad music ...“
    (answer by Leonard Bernstein in an Interview
    on the question what he thought about Rock ´n Roll)

    My philosophy, you could also call it my "life-motto" always was and still is the axiom: „live and let live...“

    Regrettably this is a basic way of thinking that seems to die out. Sometimes one may have the impression that less and less tolerance is beeing practised amongst human beeings, beein less and less instead of more.
    But maybe this impression is wrong just bended by all of the bad news worldwide about war, terror, hunger, ecological catastrophes, cheat, muder and so on...?

    I am asking these questions in one of my songs called "We´re going all the way" which i had produced under the project-synonyme „EL Party X“.

    Still even if this may be wrong impression i always tried and still try to step up for a better world, as inequity is something that makes me rage...

    Humanity, understanding, love, compassion and mercy are not just words to me, charity not just a thing just once around christmas-time  - i try to live that every day - as good as it is possible to me as an imperfect human beeing.

    This is not very easy in these unsilent times, but it´s a conviction, grown by many lessons of life that hit me. So i am much more near to any kind of esoteric teaching of life, for example a philisophy like the Buddhism, more near than to any other kind of religions.
    More near to it in the sense of real "Re-Ligio" (= re-connection to source; greece for: "re" again, "ligio(n)" binding), which means "binding-back-to-the-source".
    Basically i respect everybody as long as he/she´s a good human beeing, as long as he/she´s good to me. There is good and bad people all over the world in any nation, religion, any race, any colour. Wether you´re good or you´re bad - no matter what nation, religion, colour, race or age you might have - it´s what you make of it every day.

    Resulting from my philosophy is also my musical way which has been nothing straight at all: Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Worldmusic, Electronic music, Jazz, Swing and all kinds of other musical styles have come across my way. So i stick to the motto of great Leonard Bernstein: „there is only good and bad music ...“ - and this means worldwide....

    So i am gonna do exactly that again and again: play music as good as i can, "... because in universe we ALL are strangers..."


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