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    alex 2008

    I play the following instruments:
    Guitar (Main), Vocals, Keyboard, Drums, Bass

    Experience in recording techniques since 1984
    Computer experience since 1988 (Atari, Mac, PC)

    Working as guitar teacher since 1986 (e.g. in the Catholic Familyeducation Ffm, Musicschool Bad Nauheim and private, see also About Me)

    Since the early 1980ies i produce my own music, have been working as Soundtechnician, Producer and Musician for div. Produktions (see discography).

    The list below shows systems and apps with that i am working with or have experienced knowledge with. More details  on demand.


    • Emagic Logic Audio (Mac)
    • Apple Logic Pro (Mac)
    • Cubase (Steinberg)
    • Clean.50 (Win)
    • Digidesign Pro Tools (Mac)
    • Steinberg Recycle! (Mac)
    • Steinberg TimeBandit (Mac)
    • Macromedia Sound Edit 16 (Mac)
    • Audacity (Mac)
    • PEAK (Mac)
    • Spark LE (Mac)

    Video / 3D

    • MaXXon Cinema
    • Autodesk 3D-Studio 4
    • Adobe Premiere (Mac + Windows)
    • AVID Videoshop
    • Cleaner 6
    • AVID Schnittsystem
    • iMovie (Mac)
    • iDVD (Mac)

    Operating Systems:

    • DOS 6.2
    • Atari TOS
    • Windows 3.11
    • Windows NT4.0, 2000, XP
    • Mac OS 7.0 bis 9.2
    • Mac OS X 10.x.x

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