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    My name is Alexander B. Rodmann. Born into an artist-family (my mother was a painter,  one uncle has been working longs years as painter and graphicdesigner, the brother of my grandpa worked as violiniste in south of france during the war times, as well as more other artists around in the family) i began my carreer as a musician at the late age of 13 by autoditactically learning to play guitar.

    Soon around the age of 14 years i started to play in Bands, beeing involved with all kinds of Bands and projects Live and in Studio, mainly as guitarrist and later on also shortly as a drummer (also see my musical miles).
    A couple of years later, around 1985, i got interested and involved into recording-techniques, so i then learned to play a bit of keyboards as well. All instruments i learned autodidactically, tought myself how to play.

    My musical experiences have become very versatile ever since with a broad spectre: starting off with Blues and Rock, passing Pop and Dancemusic - to finally get into Jazz and Swing (especially Jazz-Manouche) in the early 80ies. In the beginning 90ies, it was the time of Techno and Rave, i experimented a lot recording Worldmusic, Trance and Techno- sounding music in my own little Studio, thus producing a couple of CDs.

    Bertino 2014 06But using pure technique and thus the diversion and need of permanent Software-Updates and technical news soon left me behind with disgust and separation, finding back to acoustic music in the late 1990ies. According to the statement of the great Leonard Bernstein (on the question "what do you think of Rock n Roll?") where he replied:
    "... there is only good and bad music...", i finally found back my passion for handmade, acoustic music in the interpretation of Django Reinhardt´s music, the Jazz-Manouche. Starting from 2000 i dedicated myself to this music finally until today.

    Meanwhile i´ve been working as musician and guitar teacher for more than four decades. Very early i soon began to teach playing the guitar as a side-income here and there over the years, thus also working as a guitar-teacher as well for serveral music-schools around the area of Frankfurt and Bad Nauheim later on. For a couple of years I also worked for a katholic educational institution (in Frankfurt/M), dealing with students from between 8 and up to 72 years (also in groups up to 10 persons).

    Today i focus on giving lessons only to private students and digging deeper into my other own musical projects.

    More Infos on my musical carreer you may read in my biography or in the philosophy that explains a bit of my personal insights and views. In the section musical miles you will find a list of my musical experience in chronologic order.

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