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    biography (4/4)

    In the year 2007 i visited the Masterclass of famous french Gypsyjazz-Guitarrist "Romane" in Lyon (France)Romane & Bertino, 2007 to extend my knowledge about Gypsyjazz and to learn it new and from source (image right).
    Newly inspired by that i began to organize my playing completely new, again practising every day for about 1-2 hours daily.
    In 2008 a went to another masterclass given by Stochelo Rosenberg (of the famous Rosenberg Trio) in Augsburg and again in 2012 aother masterclass done by Gypsyjazz-master Angelo DeBarre in Samois (France).
    GypsyjazzGuitar Bertino Flyer01 kl
    Inspired though my intense training i found new inspiration - as also new musicians. In 2007 i founded the Band "Coeur du Bois" (french. "Heart of the wood"). Eversince we played on  many live-gigs in Jazzclubs and on private occasions. The focus of our group is to play Jazz-Manouche with most autenthic arrangements, but also own original compositions in the style.

    Since i´ve been forced by many requests for lessons on Jazz-Manouche, i began to setup my own workshops in the style from 2008.
    Due to many discussions with one of my students and also inspired by him i started the writing of a methodbook for Jazz-Manouche. And after a long search for a distributor i finally found within Alfred Verlag in Köln the partner who distributes the book in october 2011. More infos on the book you may read here.

    All of my intension and focus meanwhile again is on handmade, creative music, just as i again always wished and wanted it all the years before.
    I dont know where the journey of my life will lead me to - but one thing is for sure: that i will play music until the last breath of my fascinating life. As music IS my life...

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